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Three Card Poker℠

Try your luck in this classic stud poker game. Players can bet against the dealer, bet on the value of their own three-card hand, or bet both. Three Card Poker℠ has a $5–$25 minimum bet.


three cards
10:00 am – 2:00 am
three cards with different suits
10:00 am – 4:00 am

How to Play Three Card Poker℠ at North Star

Bet against the dealer’s hand

The required ante wager allows you to play against the dealer’s hand. It’s just you and the dealer. If you bet on the ante spot and like your hand, you must place a wager on the play spot that is equal to the ante, it’s your three-card poker hand against the dealer’s three-card poker hand—best hand wins!

Bet on your own hand

If you like, you may also bet the pair plus spot to bet on your own hand. If your hand contains a pair or better, YOU WIN!

Ante bonus

When making the ante and play wagers, you may win a bonus payout even if the dealer doesn’t qualify, and even if the dealer’s hand beats your hand. If a player makes a pair plus wager in addition to the ante wager, the play wager must be made, or all bets are forfeited.

COVID-19 Safety Practices


Our staff is taking precautions so you can play safely. Learn how you can help.

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Table Games Specific COVID-19 Safety Practices

  • Any chips being presented for redemption at a table must be sanitized by the customer prior to presentation to the dealer.
  • Players will be allowed to play 2 spots when available
  • No pitch games
  • 4 players per table
  • Customers will be required to sanitize their hands prior to play
  • Beverage servers will remain available and serve beverages upon request. No food at the tables
  • Guests may not congregate behind players

Meet Our Jackpot Winners

Mark M.
November 8th
Loretta C.
November 11th
Brenda S.
November 12th
Thomas C.
November 13th
Marsha S.
November 14th
Todd W.
November 15th
Teri B.
November 19th
Scott S.
November 19th
Masks are now optional for guests & employees.
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