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The Glam Band

80’s Rock

Saturday, January 21, 2023 8:00 pm

$5 Free Play included in each ticket purchase!


The 1980s were a time when excess ruled. Times were fun and the music was a party. From sing along anthems to timeless ballads showing their “soft side”, Sunset Strip rockers provided the soundtrack for our life. THE GLAM BAND is made up of six guys bringing you back to your favorite decade (whether you like to admit it or not)! Donning an over the top stage show, makeup and costumes that will either make you smile or cringe, it’s our goal to transport you back to the decade of decadence. The one that was nothin’ but a good time! Heading into 2022, the band is one of the top drawing acts in the entire state with an insanely dedicated following. Grab a can of Aqua Net and join us for a show soon. You won’t be disappointed!

Meet Our Winners

Susan D.
November 23rd
Brandon N.
November 24th
Daniel L.
November 25th
Rebecca B.
November 25th
Teri B.
November 30th
Renee R.
December 2nd
Franklin K.
December 3rd
Rebecca L.
December 3rd
Masks are now optional for guests & employees.
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