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Tables Games: Jack-O-Loot

October 14th & 28th

Drawings at 8 PM

Harvest your share of $4,000 in cahs and chip prizes!
5 drawing barrel winners will be selected to win a share of $2000 in cash and chips both nights.

1st Place: $600 in Cash & NCV Chips
2nd Place: $500 in Cash & NCV Chips
3rd Place: $400 in Cash & NCV Chips
4th Place: $300 in Cash & NCV Chips
5th Place: $200 in Cash & NCV Chips

Entries are earned for the following:

BLACKJACK: Get a suited SPADES hand totaling 20, 21, or blackjack, Wager $25 or more and get three entry tickets.
3-CARD POKER, L-I-R, OR UTH: Any suited SPADES bonus payoff.
ROULETTE: Straight up, split, or corner payoff on the number 21.

More Winners

Keri P. won $15,848 Wednesday, October 20th
Darlene L. won $25,477 Tuesday, October 19th
Joy R. won $31,469 Tuesday, October 19th
Charles B. won $20,000 Sunday, October 17th
Jack Z. won $15,152 Monday, October 11th
Leroy K. won $21,259 Monday, October 11th
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